5.9L 04.5-07 Dodge Ram HE351CW Turbo With Billet Wheel for Sale

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HE351CW Turbo With Billet Wheel Polished

The Components Found In DTPD Turbos Are Sourced From The World’s Leading Manufacturers. Built To Exceed OEM Quality Standards. We Provide Exactly The Parts You Need For Your 5.9L Cummins HE351CW Turbo. No More, No Less. This Turbo Was Designed To Completely Replace YourWorn OutStock HE351CW. From Start To Finish.


5.9L 2004.5 – 2007 Dodge Cummins Ram 2500, 3500, 4500, 5500

04.5-Style Holset HE351CW


5.9L HE351CW Turbocharger, Turbo Feed And Drain Lines With Fittings, Install Kit With Gaskets, O-Rings, Hardware


Improved Longevity In High Boost Applications, 5 - 7 PSI Boost Increase, Eliminates Compressor Surge, Improved Performance At High Boost Levels, Severe-Duty Journal Bearings and Thrust Collar

Power Gains

Tuned Engines: Up To +40 HP / +60 ft/lbs Torque

Stock Engines: Around +20 HP / +30 ft/lbs Torque


Increased Turbo Boost: Up to 30+ PSI Boost With Wastegate Modifications

Billet Compressor Wheel Specs

Inducer/Exducer/Tip: 60/86/90.5

Blades: 7+7

Turbine Shaft Specs

Blades: 12

Inducer/Exducer: 65/58mm

Tip Height: 10.5mm

Journal: 11mm

Stem: 7mm

Brass 360 Thrust Bearing

Brass Dissipates Heat Faster And Provides A Longer Life Span VS Steel. Improved Lubrication With 6 Oil Passages VS OEM 270 Style Thrust Bearings With 5 Oil Passages.

Step Gap Oil Seal

Tighter Tolerances For Superior Sealing Minimizing Oil Leakage From The Bearing Housing VS Standard OEM Turbine Shaft Oil Seals.

Not For Sale In The State Of California!California Residents Do Not Purchase, Your Order Will Be Canceled.There Are No Exceptions So Please Don’t Ask!!!


This Is A "Race Only" Product Used Solely For Competition. Its Use Is Limited To Closed-Course And Open-Course Racing That Is Formally Sanctioned By A Recognized Racing Organization. Any Other Use Including Recreational Off-Road Use Could Be In Violation Of Local, State And Federal Laws. Not For Vehicles Registered For Use On The Highway Or Street. Due To Its High-Performance Nature, This Product Will Void Vehicle Manufacturers Warranty And Can Cause Engine Damage. Will Require Aftermarket Tuning To Turn Off Check Engine Light After Installed. Direct Diesel Inc. Is Not Responsible For Misuse Of Its Products. By Installing This Product, You Release Direct Diesel Inc. Of Any And All Liability Associated With Its Use.

Does Not Include Instructions

3 Year Warranty

Warranty Covers The Turbocharger Purchased In This Listing Only. Thorough Of The Air Intake System, Air Filter, Engine Oil Filter, Engine Oil, And Related Gaskets, O-Rings, Etc. Required During The Install Of A Turbocharger. Proof Will Be Required With Any Warranty Including Your Receipts Of The Oil Change, Etc. During The Install. Any Attempt To Modify Upgrade Or Repair The Turbo Will Void Your Warranty; The Buyer Will Be Responsible For All Shipping Cost. The Warranty Offered Does Not Include Refunds Of Any Kind. Any Installed, Open Box Parts Are No Longer Eligible For Any Type Of Return Or Refund Of Any Sort. Warranty Does Not Cover, Nor Reimburse, Consequential Damages, Losses, Costs Or Accidents, Third-Party Fees Or Charges Such As Installation, Labor, Towing, Etc. For Any Reason, You Do Not Agree With, Have Trouble Understanding Or Just Don't Like Our Policy, Please Do Not Purchase And/Or Install Our Products.

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