2016 16 CADILLAC ATS-V 3.6 TT Hood Vector Blue Metallic U 388A RH Corner Cracked for Sale

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MARS Auto & Truck Parts MARS Auto & Truck Parts Mogadore, OH Business Hours (EST/EDT) Mon - Fri 8:30am - 5:00pm Closed Saturday & Sunday Mars Auto & Truck Parts Provides High Quality Auto Parts at Affordable Rates Hood Year: 16

Type: Used
Category: Y
VIN: 1G6AN1RY5G0153703
Vehicle Stock #: JD020A
Part Stock #: 0000096957
Additional notes: Frt Right Corner Needs Work, V-series,blue Ext
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Warranty & Returns

Thank you for purchasing a quality pre-owned part from Mars Auto & Truck Parts. This unit, while pre-owned, is available with one of the finest warranties in our industry. In order for all parties to be protected, we have developed this helpful checklist because Mars' does not warrant part failure resulting from improper installation. Note: Most part failures are due to avoidable installation mistakes. In order for this warranty to be effective, you must follow these instructions:

  • Compare with previous engine for correct application.
  • Clean and inspect all related parts to be installed.
  • Check hoses and make certain that the radiator is not plugged, leaking, or restricted. Flush the radiator with clean water.
  • Change the thermostat and in some cases it may be necessary to change water pump.
  • Install a new timing belt.
  • Inspect and, if necessary, replace electrical fan and sending unit.
  • Install a new oil filter and fill with new oil as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Thoroughly clean and, if necessary, replace air cleaners, crank case vent tubes, and oil cooler.
  • Be sure to check oil level (engines are drained when vehicle is dismantled). Priming oil pump avoids the leading cause of engine failure: "Dry Start".
  • Inspect for oil pressure as soon as engine is started. Check for oil and water leaks. Do not install radiator cap until water is observed to be circulating.
  • Check all emissions controls including catalytic converter.
  • Check advance on distributor - time to factory specifications. (If so equipped.)
  • After bolting transmission to engine there must be at least .600 clearance between the torque convertor and the crankshaft.

This pre-owned engine is warranted not to use an excessive amount of oil for the year and model under normal use. The parts covered by this warranty are the engine block, cylinder head with valves, camshaft, connecting rods and bearings, pistons, piston rings, oil pump, crankshaft and bearings, rocker arms, valve lifters, and all other internally lubricated parts. Excluded from this warranty are the fuel components, water pump, all electrical parts, hoses, lines, intake and exhaust manifolds, fuel injector pumps, all other fuel injection parts, and all other external parts. Calibration and adjustment of excluded parts is also excluded from this warranty. This warranty is void if new oil and oil filter are not used in installation. You are being charged ONLY for the BLOCK, HEAD(s), and ROTATING ASSEMBLY. Any attached parts are left on for the customer's convenience, to facilitate installation only, and are NOT COVERED by warranty.

  • Compare with previous unit for correct application. Pay particular attention to electrical plug-ins.
  • Clean and inspect all related parts to be installed.
  • Install new front seal, rear seal and/or axle seals.
  • Thoroughly flush transmission cooler and lines to clean suspended debris from the original failed unit. If external cooler appears plugged REPLACE IT.
  • Install new filter and gasket kit.
  • Always fill oil to proper levels with proper type of fluid. Also fill the differential side of the transmission.
  • Adjust excessive, improper, corroded or defective throw out arm, detent cable, shifting mechanism and/or clutch cables.
  • After bolting transmission to engine there must be at least .600 clearance between the torque convertor and the crankshaft

You are being charged for the transmission with torque converter, or transfer case, or axle assembly. Any attached parts are left on to facilitate installation only, and are NOT COVERED by warranty. You must install torque converter supplied with the transmission or a re-manufactured converter. Axle assembly warranties exclude brakes, brake drums, and brake hardware.

Your pre-owned part from Mars Auto & Truck Parts is covered by this limited warranty for a period of 30 days or by the purchased extended period specified on the front of this invoice. The customer is responsible for retaining the original sales invoice with these limited warranty terms attached to verify any warranty purchased.

This limited warranty applies only to the original purchaser of the part and only as the part is still installed in the vehicle for which it was originally purchased for the period specified on your sales invoice. This limited warranty is not transferable. If any defect is discovered during the warranty period, Mars Auto & Truck Parts must be informed in writing, within two weeks of defect. All claims must be accompanied by the part and the original sales invoice together with the limited warranty terms attached. Any part(s) needing warranty service/replacement must be returned to Mars Auto & Truck Parts no later than 14 days after the notice is given of defect. Defects must be verified and all work under this limited warranty must be pre-authorized by Mars Auto & Truck Parts.

Transportation costs of any part or vehicle for inspection to Mars Auto & Truck Parts is specifically excluded from this limited warranty. Mars Auto & Truck Parts reserves the right to repair, replace or refund the purchase price of any part at its option. Such repair, replacement, or refund will satisfy all obligations under this limited warranty. In the event that a refund is granted, no payment shall be made until such parts are returned to Mars Auto & Truck Parts. Any improper use, abuse (including but not limited to overheating or low oil level in engines and transmissions), neglect, careless handling, disassembly, damage done by improper installation or repairs, or removal of part from the vehicle in which it was first installed after purchase from Mars Auto & Truck Parts shall void this warranty. Melting of heat tabs installed by Mars Auto & Truck Parts will be considered evidence of overheating.

Labor cost, including the cost of moving the attached external parts from the purchaser's old part to the Mars Auto & Truck Parts part including: seals, gaskets, brackets, wiring harnesses and similar supplies are specifically excluded from this limited warranty. Gaskets shall be replaced by the installer to prevent oil leaks. Oil leaks are the responsibility of the installer and are excluded from this limited warranty.

Our warranty liability is limited to the lesser of the part replacement or COST refund of the part and, if a limited labor warranty was purchased, labor at a maximum of $50.00 per hour for engines installed by certified technicians (Part installation limits labor payments to a maximum of $500.00). Labor coverage is provided only once, in the event the part fails, additional labor warranties must be purchased for continued labor coverage. All warranty claims must be pre-approved by MARS Auto & Truck Parts prior to any work to be performed. MARS Auto & Truck Parts reserves the right to have warranty work performed by a repair facility of their choosing. For pre-approval call one of the numbers listed on your invoice. MARS Auto & Truck Parts and the "Chilton Labor Manual" will determine hourly labor time.

The liability and obligations of Mars Auto & Truck Parts under this limited warranty shall not include any inconvenience, transportation, towing, labor expenses (unless a limited labor warranty is purchased), refund or reimbursement of the cost of the warranty, down time, or direct or indirect or consequential damage, or delay resulting from defect. This limited warranty supersedes any other warranties expressed or implied, including any implied warranty of merchant ability or fitness for a particular purpose. No action of Mars Auto & Truck Parts under this warranty shall extend the original warranty period or alter its obligation. This warranty gives you specific legal rights. You may also have other rights which vary from state to state. You and we agree to submit any dispute arising under this agreement, with the exception of disputes alleging criminal or statutory violations, to binding mediation/arbitration in accordance with the Rules of the Better Business Bureau. A BBB arbitrator will render a decision accordance with the Binding Arbitration for Disputes Subject to Pre-Dispute Binding Arbitration Clauses. The arbitrator's decision will be final and binding on both of us, and judgment on the decision may be entered into any court having jurisdiction. The Better Business Bureau establishes participation fees. Further information about BBB mediation/arbitration may be obtained by calling the BBB of Akron. This agreement to Mediate/Arbitrate affects important legal rights. Neither of us will be able to go to court for disputes that must be mediated/arbitrated.

If you are using this part for any other application other than what is exactly listed for, warranty will be void and return is not permitted. These are used parts, so normal wear and/or corrosion can be expected due to the vehicle age and location.

Please verify fitment independently prior to purchase, as the information in the "compatibility" section above is generated by Motors and not from us. If you have questions or concerns about fitment, please contact us prior to purchase.


This listing may use ARA damage codes, including the following:

Body Part Grading A = 1 or less units of damage
B = 2 or less units of damage but more than 1
C = more than 2 units of damage Mechanical Part Grading A = Less than or equal to 60k miles, or greater than 60k miles but less than or equal to 200k miles and less than or equal to 15k miles per year
B = Greater than 60k miles and less than or equal to 200k miles but greater than 15k miles per year
C = Greater than 200k miles Damage Unit Types cc = Credit Card size units
Blank = Unknown damage unit Part Grade Abbreviations AFT = New Aftermarket body part
Downgrade = Recycler choose to downgrade the part based on damage not reflected in the grading algorithm Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding an item, please CONTACT US via messaging before you make the purchase.

Please verify fitment independently prior to purchase, as the information in the "compatibility" section above is generated by Motors and not from us. If you have questions or concerns about fitment, please contact us prior to purchase.

After you have received your product in satisfactory condition, please leave us positive response. If there is a problem with your purchase, do not leave neutral or negative response: CONTACT US so that we can help you to resolve your issue to your satisfaction.

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