2.5" 3 Bolt Triangle High Temp Multi Layer Exhaust Gasket w/SS Fire Ring *USA* for Sale

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Brand : Dali Racing



I.D : 2.5"

Outer Center Ring to Outer Center Ring : 2.75"

Inner Bolt to Bolt : 2.5"

Outer Bolt to Bolt : 3.5"

Outer Gasket to Outer Gasket : 4"

(from bolt to bolt side)

Outer Middle of Gasket to Lower Bolt : 4"

2.5" 3 Bolt Gasket with Multi Layer Stainless Steel and Graphite Construction provides high temperature durability under extreme conditions when mating two 2.5" 3 bolt flanges on your exhaust system.

The integrated Stainless Steel fire ring to extends gasket life and prevent failure between layers while providing a positive "crush" seal between the two flanges.

- High Temp

- Reinforced

- Slotted bolt hole areas for adjustability

- Multi layer

- Extremely high quality

- Performance oriented

- Stackable

You will receive 1 gasket with your order.

Please confirm measurements before purchasing so this will fit your exhaust system accordingly since who knows what kind of of exhaust is under your car.

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