1970 Subaru 360 Totally restored 20,000 original miles $10,500

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1968 Subaru 360 - Test Drive
Hard to believe Subaru went from this, all the way to being WRC World Champions! An awesome little car, that tends to be a bit scary, pulling a lot ot othe left under braking. Test Drive done on some japanese mountain roads for an OppositeLock Review of the car.

Subaru 360 hot rod engine build
Another Subaru two cylinder, two stroke, 360cc power unit emerges from a pile of parts. This is engine number two, slated for a Subaru 360 Sedan with a lightweight and minimalistic racing theme. Not many have embarked on hot rodding Subaru 360 engines. This one already has 62.5mm Wiseco forged pistons, modified ports, modified port timing, increased compression, a 125 main jet, a special clutch, and hand fabricated Exhaust Exhaust header.

Subfreezing Subaru 360 Drive to 'Stupid-Cold' Cars and Coffee
My lips didn't want to move, I slur my speech, my fingers and toes are numb. The Garage door was frozen stuck, I'm surprised the little 2 stroke engine even started. Temperature is 25'f and Freezing Cold blowing East winds from the Gorge.

Warehouse find Subaru 360 revived
This 1970 Subaru 360 was in storage on a rack in a warehouse for 20+ years. After a bit of work it has come back to life and ready to go....and stop.