1970 Subaru 360 Totally restored 20,000 original miles $10,500

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1970 Subaru 360 Sedan
The Subaru 360 is a rear-engined, two-door city car manufactured and marketed from 1958 to 1971 by Subaru. As the company's first automobile, production reached 392,000 over its 12 year model run.

1970 Subaru 360 taxi
USA TODAY's Chris Woodyard talks to Patrick Quilter of Laguna Beach, Calif., about his Subaru 360, the super-small Japanese car from what would become a famous automotive name

Terminal Velocity: 1969 360cc Subaru Van high speed road test, GPS verified.
Trying to break 65mph with areodynamics of a brick. Could this be the fastest Subaru 360 van? Aug 23, 2008. Portland Or, 80'f day, low humidity,some side wind gusts. Engine is stock, re jetted, with milled heads, K&N open air filter, high flow muffler and EI unit, radial tire pressure @ 40psi, body and windshield is waxed for speed, one toddler passenger and tools on board. PLX wide band oxygen sensor under dash for air / fuel mixture feed back. Subaru speedometer states 69 mph (GPS states 62 mph) top speed, relative flat stretch of I-5

Subaru Vintage Garage- Subaru 360
Step inside the Subaru Vintage Garage as Mike Whelan profiles one of the most iconic Subaru vehicles to date. The 360 was the first Subaru sold in the U.S. market.