Bradco Civil Towed Scraper.MOD

Low Ground Pressure Scraper

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Yes, We Load Downhill - Cat D11R Loading 651E Scrapers
Dear Gavin, now you can stop whining about scraper videos. All the best, DDnB Like our sense of humor? Join our Facebook page: so we can make fun of you too!

Connecting Pull Scraper To D9
This mud hole just might force the ol 235 excavator out of retirement.

Ashland I-130XL2, April 2015 New Look
Ashland 130XL2 undergoes a new look and several changes.

Cat Demos Its Towed Scrapers at Edwards, IL
Cat demonstrates loading a single TS225 scraper (23.5 cubic yards) behind a D8T dozer, then tandem TS225s behind a Challenger tractor. Get out your stopwatch!