Bradco Civil Towed Scraper.MOD

Low Ground Pressure Scraper

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Yes, We Load Downhill - Cat D11R Loading 651E Scrapers
Dear Gavin, now you can stop whining about scraper videos. All the best, DDnB Like our sense of humor? Join our Facebook page: so we can make fun of you too!

Connecting Pull Scraper To D9
This mud hole just might force the ol 235 excavator out of retirement.

Cat Demos Its Towed Scrapers at Edwards, IL
Cat demonstrates loading a single TS225 scraper (23.5 cubic yards) behind a D8T dozer, then tandem TS225s behind a Challenger tractor. Get out your stopwatch!

Ashland I-130XL2, April 2015 New Look
Ashland 130XL2 undergoes a new look and several changes.