190SL Solex 44PHH Carburetor Tuning

190SL Solex 44PHH carbs are hard to work with when worn out. But fully machined and rebuilt properly the Solex 44PHH works very well. Shown here are a set of freshly rebuilt carbs and proper tuning proceedures. The airflow meter is a Syncrometer, available on-line and the perfect tool for the job. One of the tests of the Solex 44PHH carb's condition is their ability to idle well and at the correct rpm. At the end of the video you will see these carbs idle the engine at between 275-300 rpm. If you want to see more info on these carbs visit ssimports.biz for photos, tech info, and maintenance tips for pre-1971 Mercedes.

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Adjusting 190SL Solex 44PHH carburetors
Will Samples S&S Imports adjust newly rebuilt Solex 44PHH compound Carburetors on mercedes 190SL. Produced for the 190SL Group. Will Samples S&S Imports Producer: Will Samples Producer: Jim Villers Editor: Dick Mentzer

Solex 190SL carb inspection
These carbs were done by someone else. They were sent to me for installation on my test engine so I could adjust and tune the carbs. But first I needed to inspect the work done and make any adjustments on the bench. I found too much play in the throttle shafts and the butterfly fit. I am not predicting these carbs will work too well. They will be self adjusting.

190SL Solex carb choke testing
I hope this video will help you evaluate your choke operation on your 190SL Solex carbs.

Solex Mission Waypoint types
Short demo of various waypoint types in Solex.