Nissan Serena 0 - 100 km/h Acceleration

Acceleration from stop of a Nissan Serena Highway Star

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Brendan showin his mad skills droppin the kids off at church

Nissan Serena SR20 GTI-Mod accerleration
Tyres:Front 225/40R17 Rear 245/40R17 Changed:Cams from GTI, Fuel Injectors from GTI, GTI ECU

Nissan Vanette Acceleration (CRAZY SLOW)
20km/h: 1s 30km/h: 2,8s 40km/h: 3,6s 50km/h: 5,6s 60km/h: 7,8s 70km/h: 10,6s 80km/h: 13,2s 90km/h: 17s 100km/h: 23,8s 110km/h: 31,2s 120km/h: 48,8s

Nissan Timing Chain Noise Problem
Nissan 3.5 with a noisy timing chain. Broken tensioner guide causing the problem.