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Vehicle History Reports

A Vehicle History Report provides information concerning the history of a vehicle. There are quite a few companies that provide vehicle history reports and they can vary in the amount information they provide. Most services provide vehicle title and registration checks, usage/mileage history, and accidents if the damage was reported by via a police report or car insurance company. The reports can also show if the car was used as part of a rental car fleet in service as a taxi.
In order to pull a vehicle history report you will need the car’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). The VIN can usually be located on the driver’s side windshield area or inside the door jam. Some cars also have the VIN etched into the windows as well.

Vehicle History Reports for the Car Buyer

When searching for a used car, vehicle history reports can provide the buyer with important information regarding the history of the vehicle. It’s important to obtain your own independent vehicle history report instead of relying on one that is provided by the dealer or person selling the vehicle. If a report is provided to you by the person selling the vehicle, try and obtain another vehicle history report from another provider. This allows for a 2nd opinion and sometimes separate reports can show distinctive levels of detail depending on where they obtain their vehicle history data from. The information from the vehicle history report can give you partial piece of mind when purchasing the vehicle as well as bargaining power if something does appear on the report.

Vehicle History Reports for the Car Seller

If your selling a vehicle, providing a vehicle history report to the buyer is the first step to show that the car you are selling has a clean history and can help gain the buyer's confidence. If you're a private seller or a dealer, a providing a vehicle history report for the car you're selling not only helps you establish a good reputation, it will actually help you sell the vehicle. If there is indeed some questionable information on the report, you can make the attempt to find out what it's all about and ease any concerns your buyer might have.

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