UPD TCU Flash Loader Audi R8 Lamborghini Huracan and Gallardo for Sale

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Performancetcucalibration now available
CALIBRATION NOW AVALIABLE to offer customers a performanceTCUcalibration software. One of our main concerns was to provide the customer with an OBDII interface so the revised calibration can be loaded on the car without the removal of theTCU.

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1) Signal speed: This product works to amplify signal traffic on the CANBUS. The speed of transmission of data is critical in these systems to improving throttle response, shift signals, torque requests and responses as well as many other features. The programming work on the throttle side like a sprint boost but instead of a standard percentage jump, the signal is mapped precisely with Auto, Auto sport and manual modes of the car system just like the factory car reacts. This also is true of the signal speed for the communication of the ECU andTCUto determine and improve shift characteristics. It scales with the intensity of the intended mode. I.e Auto is the “softest” and manual the most aggressive

2) Torque Limitation: The throttle body actuation is limited by theTCUin terms of operation of the life and operation at higher RPM. The removal and modification of torque limits enables the torque to jump up faster and maintain and open throttle body through shifting. Factory torque limitation will start to close the throttle body before redline and you will see a dip in power.

3) Shift speed: We do not increase clamping pressure in any gearbox program we have, which is a testament to the depth with which we can integrate the system to operate how we want. Many DSG tuners will increase clamp pressure to achieve the intention of a more aggressive shift. We again use signal patterns and signal communication to advance the ability of the robotic systems to actuate gear shifts. This results in our 47ms (stock is 87ms) shift time on Rtronic and a 27% reduction on Stronic on the facelift cars

4) Different types: We realized quickly as I mentioned that some owners indeed found driving in auto was not optimized with our race program, and our aggressive customers didn’t have enough kick with the standard program so we introduced both options.

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