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TESLA MODEL 3 REAR SPOILER CARBON FIBER 3M VHB OEM PATTERNED ADHESIVE TAPE STRIP. WITH (2) 3M AUTOMOTIVE ADHESION PROMOTER 06396 PADS INCLUDED. This is professionally die cut 3M VHB automotive adhesive Tesla OEM patterned strips for the factory rear carbon fiber spoiler. I HAVE INCLUDED TWO PACKETS OF 3M ADHESION PROMOTER (one for the Spoiler application and the second for the trunk lip area.) SEE BELOW FOR APPLICATION DETAILS AND USE. If your spoiler has become detached, partially detached or loosening you probably need to apply a new adhesive strip. It is recommended using a professional installer but if you are a DIY kind of person please note the following tips: It is important to first remove the old adhesive, but first take note of the pattern of the old adhesive tape on which the new tape will be placed after removal of the old adhesive. The old adhesive can be removed a bit easier by softening first with mineral spirits or adhesive remover, then using a soft plastic scraper. Use protective gloves and eyewear when using removal chemicals. Once the old adhesive is removed, clean and allow to dry. The new adhesive strips are applied to the spoiler by peeling the white backing off and carefully applying in the correct pattern to the spoiler. Adhesion can be improved by first warming the application area of the spoiler with a heat gun or hairdryer before applying the new adhesive strips. When you are ready to re-apply the spoiler to your Tesla before you remove the RED adhesive tape backing, you should first fit it to the rear trunk lip and take special care to note the exact positioning and center and ensure you are fitting it with the correct side up. Once you have noted the correct fitting and position, you can mark the end positions with a painters masking tape. You can also get better adhesion by warming the trunk lip with a heat gun or hairdryer prior to removal of the red backing and permanently applying the spoiler to the trunk lip. 3M Automotive Adhesion Promoter is a pre-soaked, one-use only sponge, packaged individually. Simply open the packet and swipe the applicator across the area that needs to be prepped. Allow to dry for approximately 30-90 seconds before applying your tape; be sure the surface is dry before applying adhesive product as improper bonding can occur. 3M Adhesion Promoter 06396 is specifically formulated to be used with 3M Acrylic Foam Tape for automotive applications. 06396 is often used with low-surface energy plastics such as TPO, PPO, PP, PC, PC + ABS, etc. Since formulations and surface energies can vary for these types of materials, each application should be verified through testing. Adhesion Promoter 06396 is supplied in an easy-to-use sponge applicator packet. The liquid contents of the packet should be completely used as soon as possible after opening. Apply promoter only to the areas that will be fully covered with tape. The primer should be dry before applying tape. For best results, apply tape immediately after primer application or no more than one hour after primer application. Be sure the primed surfaces remains free from contaminants prior to tape application. Helps ensure robust attachment of trim and injection-molded body side moldings Notched packets open quickly and evenly for efficient use Dries in as little as 30 seconds One packet covers up to 150 sq. in. This part is sold as is for parts only. No returns for improper use or placement. Make sure you are getting the correct part for your make, model and year vehicle. Buyer is responsible for checking part numbers and pictures for compatibility before purchase. Inquire about international shipping via Ebay messenger. Shipping to the 48 contiguous States USA. Shipping to Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico will incur additional cost for shipping. Contact for shipping estimate prior to purchasing if outside the CongUS. Please email with any questions.

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