RVG CATLESS DOWNPIPE HEAT SHLEID 4.5" B58 A90 Toyota Supra for Sale

Price: $489.0

Catless DOWNPIPE with Heatshield for B58 2020+ A90 Toyota Supra The RVG heat shield protects downpipes vicinity parts, wires, gaskets, and hoses against heat and reducing temperature up to 75%! What makes it an absolute winner, compared to usual thermal wrapping or ceramic coatings.It?s highly recommended not just for safety goals but also influences engine performance by decreasing the engine bay temperature The reduced back pressure results in a faster spool, a significant increase in power, and a much more aggressive exhaust. The biggest catless downpipe available for B58Features steel design with a CNC 304 grade stainless steel flange that offers a smooth transition from the turbo to the mid pipes.Made from handcrafted, tig welded 4.5" 304-grade stainless steel.Catless DP will reduce the back pressure for better flow. Higher power output and less turbo-lag with given engine specification.Direct bolt-on applicationSmooth radius bends to decrease turbulence and increase flow.Sounds louder and deeperCNC SS304 stainless steel flange.Gains average 80-100hp with a tune.Application : A90 Toyota Supra This product is for off-road use only or competition vehicle. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO DETERMINE WHETHER YOUR AUTOMOBILE OR ANY ALTERATIONS MADE IN CONNECTION WITH THIS ITEM ARE LEGAL IN ANY STATE(S) IN WHICH THE AUTOMOBILE WILL BE OPERATED.

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