JBA LONG TUBE Headers 5.7 HEMI 6962S 2009-18 Dodge Ram 1500 2WD 409 STAINLESS for Sale

Price: $685.21

THESE FIT THE 2009-18 DODGE RAM 5.7 1500 2/4 WD TRUCKSWHEN YOU EMAIL US YOU WILL DEAL WITH THE OWNER DIRECT FOR THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE ON THE INTERNET. There is no mistaking that the 5.7 HEMI has first class power in the truck and SUV market. JBA's new 1 3/4'' Stainless Steel Long Tube Headers for this 5.7 HEMI power plant have been engineered to deliver more of that power throughout the RPM range where it can be put to good use. Any truck owner can tell you that low-end torque comes in handy when hauling or cruising. Mid-range power when charging a hill or passing on the freeway rates high on the wish list too. JBA addressed both of these areas and added an extra 30+ hp to the peak power as well. How does an extra 24 lb-ft. @ 2100 RPM sound? You have plenty of options to suit your needs as well - finish stainless steel or high heat rated ceramic coated.As with any Long Tube header these are not C.A.R.B certified,so if your state has testing you need to do your homework.ALASKA,HAWAII AND PUERTO RICO CONTACT US FOR SHIP CHARGEYOU WILL NEED TO USE THE JBA Y PIPE OR HAVE AN EXHAUST SHOP MAKE A NEW Y PIPE FOR YOU.THE HEADERS ARE AN EASY FIT AND WE DO HAVE THE Y PIPE FOR SALE THRU EBAYBUY THE Y PIPE AND HEADERS FROM US AT THE SAME TIME AND GET 15.00 OFF 2009-18 Dodge Ram 5.7 HEMI 1500 2WD 3/8" thick laser-cut flanges Firecone® Collector technology 1 3/4'' CNC Mandrel-bent stainless steel primary tubes JBA sealing rings on head flange Premium quality hardware included Optional ceramic coating (thermal barrier) Oversized exhaust ports

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