Ford F-150 ABS Module Repair Service 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 for Sale

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FORD F-150 ABS MODULE REPAIR SERVICE FITS 2007 - 2014 Ford F-150 (All Models) THIS REPAIR SERVICE IS FOR YOUR FORD F-150 ABS MODULE. By purchasing our Repair Service, you will avoid expensive new parts, mickey mouse procedures, and the hassle of purchasing broken or unreliable units. Buy with confidence! All our units are Repaired to Factory Specs, Programmed with the Latest Software, and Performed Final Testing before being shipped out to Ensure Optimal Factory Performance. This purchase is for the Repair of one (1) FORD F-150 ABS Module (All Models). Symptoms of a Failing ABS Module> ABS pump running constantly > No Communication with ABS Module > Unable to Read ABS Codes>ABS light is on Constantly or Intermittently>ABS and Brake lights are on ** If you are getting Diagnostic Trouble Code C1440 (Pressure Transducer Main/Primary Signal Faulted) Please DO NOT purchase this Repair Service. That Trouble code is caused by a Faulty Hydraulic Pump, and NOT the ABS Module! ** **Please Be Advised** The symptoms described in this listing can be caused by other problems on the vehicle. It is your mechanic's responsibility to pinpoint the problem to the ABS pump Control Module. All possible causes for ABS system failure must be eliminated prior to sending your module for repair. Please note, not all modules are repairable. *All our ABS Modules are Pre-Programmed - Plug & Play - no additional programming required**At your own Discretion you may still drive the Vehicle while the ABS Module is removed* PART NUMBERS COMPATIBLE WITH THIS REPAIR SERVICE0 265 951 889 0 265 950 740 0 265 951 9810 265 951 980 0 265 950 880 0 265 951 4990 265 951 282 0 265 800 755 0 265 951 8400 265 800 481 0 265 951 725 **If your Part Number is not listed above, please visually Compare your Module to the Modules shown in our Photos. If it does not look the same, this is not the correct Repair Service for your ABS module. Please see our other listings or contact us through eBay messages so we can point you in the right direction.** HOW DOES THIS REPAIR SERVICE WORK?1. Purchase the unit, Click on "Buy it Now" and pay for the unit.(Print out your eBay or Paypal Payment page) 2. Ship your 2007- 2014 FORD F-150 ABS Module to our Address(You'll receive a Message through eBay with Instructions on How/Where to ship it to) 3. Upon its arrival, we will Inspect, Repair, Perform Final Testing, and then Ship Unit back to your Paypal confirmed address.(Installation upon receipt of Unit is Plug & Play) 4. Enjoy your Newly Repaired Unit.**For other Automotive Electronic Needs and Repairs please Visit our Store** *The UNIT that you purchase from this listing is eligible for a One-Year Warranty that is good for as long as you own the vehicle*PLEASE DON'T SEND YOUR UNIT TO US IF YOU HAVE A BROKEN COIL OR YOU HAVE OPENED IT ********Please disregard the estimated shipping time that we have listed on this Repair********** eBay’s Handling Time Policy does not give us sufficient time for the actual Shipping Time that it takes for you to ship your unit to us, Repair it, then ship it back. Therefore, we have to enter an outrageously long Handling Time so we meet eBay's Policy and maintain the Trusted and Great seller title. *We Guarantee a 24 - 48 Hour Turn Around Time Once Received. We Do Not ship on the Weekends. If your question was not answered in this listing, feel free to contact us through eBay messages, we are here to help!*We only ship to Continental United States. Please do not purchase this item if you are not in the United States. Thank You! DIGITAL AUTO TECHNOLOGY RIVERSIDE, CA 92507 ******************************************************************************************************************************

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