Ford 2.3L 2300 race header under chassis NASCAR Nhra MS Pinto Mustang Ranger for Sale

Price: $200

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This"Buy It now"is for 1x New, HAND made in the USA, by Americans & with made in USA Steel:

FORD 2.3L / 2300cc / 2.5L Lima SOHC 4 cylinder

these headers fits 4 or 8 spark plug 2.3L heads.

UnderChassis type

(it does clear the 2.3L trans with a scatter shield on the trans in the tight fitting Pinto so it also fits Mustang 2 / Fox bodies, Capri's & Ranger's )

in the stock location

TRUE Race Car Exhaust Header

Not legal for street cars as NO smog / air injection fittings nor bolts up to stock exhaust pipe

These headers are for racing... no O2 bungs or air injection fittings.

Plus it has been reported to us the Air conditioner box gets in the way too....

Part # 6000

Thebest performing headers you can purchase for Ford 2.3L engines.

Don't be fooled by high priced, gimmickry headers or cheaper steel tube exhausts sold on that are made in China.

We have over 42 years of performance experience, which includes many hours of dyno time.

Our designs feature 16ga. mandrel bent tubing with CNC laser cut 1/4" flanges, for long life and consistent performance.

Stepped 1 5/8" to 1 ¾", 16 GA. Primaries with a standard 3" OD collector

Clears stock motor mounts and brake lines.

All Headers are equal primary and stepped lengths, utilizing flow stabilization, circular firing order, and low angle collectors, for maximum power.

Pinto, Mustang, Merkur, Capri, Granada, most tube chassis and Rangers

Gasket, Special small 3/8" headed metric bolts and collector clamp included.

Mini Stock, NASCAR, SCCA, NASA, Grassroots Motorsports, VARA, Drifting, 24 hours of lemons, Bonneville, Land speed records, road racing, rat rods, Canyon running......

If you have ANY questions regarding this item or these terms & conditions, PLEASEask us before placing an order!

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