Fits Chevrolet Colorado GMC Canyon 2.8L 3.5L Direct Catalytic Converter 2004-06 for Sale

Price: $125.11

Royal Exhaust offers a full line of supreme engine-to-tailpipe coverage of replacement exhaust systems and components for popular domestic and import cars and trucks. We realize repairs for your vehicle can be costly. Royal Exhaust has become a trusted and reputable name in the internet because of our competitive prices and excellence customer service. Our focus on exceeding the customer's expectations with superior products, customer service, delivery, sales support, and marketing programs is at the core of all Royal Exhaust's activities.
Royal Exhaust Direct-Fit Catalytic Converters are designed for easy bolt-on installation by a Professional Installer. Each product is designed to match the original equipment specifications. While the majority of our products do not require welding, cutting or bending, limited applications may require additional welding for optimal installation.
*Please Note (Per Federal Standards): If you are in California or New York and you have a California or New York Registered vehicle, you must contact us prior to buying.
*Please Note: We are fabricators. The picture shown is a catalogue image and may therefore, not appear exactly the same upon delivery. Some converter applications may require the re-use or replacement of OEM gaskets.
NOTE: D/S= Driver Side | P/S= Passenger Side
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Our Office hours: Monday through Friday from 9am to 6pm (Eastern Time). Please allow 24-48 hours for support to respond to your questions.
WARRANTY TERMS AND CONDITION Royal Exhaust warranties all its converters with 5 years of warranties with proper paperwork (Pre-assigned RGA#) and an online form completed in advance.
Please refer to this link: The RGA # should be clearly mentioned on the outside of the return package on a tag or a label or legibly handwritten. For any returns the buyer will pay for any return fees incurred and a restocking fee of 20% of the product price will be charged. The returned products should be shipped back with a completed warranty form.
The product has welding problems at the joins and is not properly welded sealed, thus causing leaks and is dysfunctional. A spot welding issue which is not able to hold the heat shield covering to the main converter and therefore is letting heat leak out. A part that does not fit the vehicle due to incorrect bending, inlet/outlet flaring, incorrect flanges, and damage to the product caused in shipping. Dysfunctionality in the product which was not caused by impact or abuse. If a converter has suffered damage from the impact which results into structural cracks or causes physical damage or breaks the product by any means, it is not the responsibility of the manufacturer and thus no credit or refund will be provided. A failure in the product due to a hole caused by rusting rendering it unusable. This should have taken place during the warranty period to be eligible for a refund, for which documentation of the purchase should be available (Invoice and the warranty form filled out). Converters which are subject to excessive heat and shows the signs of them by getting discoloured and do not perform according to the standards described by the manufacturer, they are not defective but are damaged by an improperly functioning engine, which results in to expelling of unburned fuel and thus increasing the temperature of the converter resulting into its damage. When a converter is attached to an engine due to ?Check engine Light? coming online and a new converter cannot solve the problem, it means that maybe the converter was not the cause of the problem in the first place. Documentation from a trained mechanic indicating the code number of the product, his expert diagnostics and the reason for return and repair must be included with returned converter to obtain credit along with the warranty form. The manufacturers liability is limited to the refund or the exchange of the product that was originally shipped to the customer according to their order. no different product as an exchange will be provided to the customer. The following FAQ's might be able to helpful before you make your purchase
The internals of my catalytic converter have melted down after a few months of it being installed on my vehicle. Was my converter faulty from the factory?
No. Converter meltdown is primarily contributed to an engine misfire. The unused air and fuel resulting from an engine misfire will cause an intense fire inside the catalytic converter damaging it internally. Normal operating temperatures of a converter are 500-800° F, and up to 1200° F when the vehicle is under heavy load. To melt the catalytic converter's substrate, the temperature inside the converter would have to exceed 2000° F.

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