FITS Chevy Corvette StingRay C8 Engine Cover Decal 2020 2021 2022 - RED for Sale

Price: $15.0

Closest Color to Torch Red The gallery picture made you look because it really stood out. Same thing will happen when people ask to look in your engine bay. You can pay $400-$800 to have yours painted or you can add these decals. Do the math! We do NOT sell engine covers - Just the decals you see applied to the engine cover. These decals really pop and are really easy to apply. Simple peel and stick. Loads of colors to customize your ride. Even if you are not a sticker/decal kind of person this is for everyone. 3 packages to choose from Corvette lettering ONLY - which you get 1 Corvette decal for each side of engine coverCorvette lettering & Flag - which you get 1 Corvette decal for each side and 1 flag decal for the top of engine coverWhole Package - Basically everything you see for decals in the pictures. All of it. Best Value. For the whole package you don't need to apply it all. You can start down the middle and go from there. Best way to apply it simple pop off the engine cover, bring it in the house to warm up and clean, wipe it down (no alcohol), apply the decals, reapply your engine cover and let car run for 10 mins. It'll heat up the engine cover, make the glue more sticky, press down on all the decals and you are good to go. This fits on your EXISTING engine cover that looks like this style. Will not fit Z06 (and a few others) b/c your engine doesn't look the same. If you need clarification simple message me with a pic and I can tell you instantly.

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