Chevy Tahoe 2007-2014 3" Single Exhaust Kit Corner Exit No Muffler No Tip for Sale

Price: $139.99

This kit will upgrade your single exhaust system with a larger 3 inch tail pipe on your2007-2014Chevrolet Tahoe.All Wheel Bases and Trims. 4.8L/5.3L.Our Kits will upgrade your current system and give you the option to source a performance muffler that will give your SUV the look, sound and performance you have been searching for!!
This kit will come out directly under the corner of the rear bumper on the SUV.
This exhaust kit includes:
1) 3" O.D. mandrel bend aluminized steel tail pipe4) 3" Clamps2) Universal Hangers1) Corner Exit Adapter
This kit is intended to be used with a muffler that has a single 3" inlet and a single 3" outlet that is offset. (offset in, center out / center in, offset out) This kit does not come with a muffler.
Please note: This system is designed to replace your factory OEM exhaust starting from the inlet of the muffler . If your exhaust has been replaced or modified previously fabrication to the existing exhaust on your truck may be necessary for the proper installation of our kit. The kit is designed around factory spare tires and factory receiver hitch assemblies.
SUV's with modified suspension or other customizations may also require additionalfabrication of the exhaust or SUV for the proper installation of our kit.
This kit is designed to fitAll Wheel Bases and Trims. 4.8L/5.3L.GASOLINE ENGINES ONLY
*Product disclaimer: THIS IS NOT A COMPLETE "DO IT YOURSELF" kit. It is recommended that this kit be installed by a professional. Cutting and trimming will be required. Fabrication may be required. Any type of suspension or wheel/tire modifications may affect system clearances. We do NOT include any portion of the exhaust in front of the muffler. Additional parts or fabrication will likely be required.

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