Black Eagle Dayton Zenith Wire Wheel Chips Emblems Decals Set of 4 Size 2.25in. for Sale

Price: $20.0

2.25 inch wheel chips for recessed wire wheel spinners. You will receive 4 wheel chips. These chips have a sticker backing. You will be able to remove the film and reveal the sticky side to apply these to your spinners or any other application of your choosing. PRODUCT NOTES: All chips are made with a removable sticker backing. These are ready for application once you receive them. However, it is up to you as the customer to add any extra adhesive to your application as needed. These chips are made of a polymer resin. This resin is non-toxic. The resin I use conforms to ASTM D-4236. The resin has ZERO VOCs which stands for ZERO volatile organic compounds. It is 100% solids and 100 % solvent free. There are no toxic chemicals, additives or fillers added to the formula. It is a clean formula and classified non-toxic. This resin is heat resistant up to 145 degrees Fahrenheit. This product is safe against wheel cleaning chemicals. However, I am not responsible for customer negligence when pertaining to the installation, care and storage of this product.

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