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visit our store | View feedback | Contact us PnP-AE-LED-KV-85-W x4 + WR-ADA-HALO CLOSE UP EXAMPLE SHOWN BELOW: YOU ARE BUYING THE FULL CIRCLE VERSION NORMAL LIGHT EXPOSURE FOR CAMERA (WHAT YOU WILL SEE IN PERSON) SHOWN BELOW: LOW LIGHT EXPOSURE (-1.0) FOR CAMERA (SO YOU CAN SEE THEY ARE LED POWERED) SHOWN BELOW: ACTUAL INSTALLED PHOTOS SHOWN (Headlight Assembly is NOT Included!) What is UHP (Ultra High-Power) LED Angel Eyes? As many of you know that BMW starts the Angel Eyes (Halo), also known as DDE or demon eyes trend in the late 90s, now has been set as standard for all new BMWs. Unfortunately that some of the earlier BMW models are not equipped with this beautiful feature. And for others that come with the factory equipped Angel Eyes, it comes with the standard angel eyes which are very dim and comes with yellowish color. So, people come out solution to improve the factory standard look and that is using the CCFL. If you do not know, CCFL stands for Cold Cathode Fluorescent Light, it uses very little energy and has long operation life (if handled properly), yet produce much much brighter amazing light output. CCFL is indeed amazing, however it also has its downside: CCFL by nature sometimes do need warm-up time when operating in low temperature to get to its full brightness. CCFL by nature requires inverter to light up and inverter sometimes fails which by then, needs to be replaced in order for the system to come back to work again. CCFL is essentially a glass tube which like any glass, it can break if mis-handled. So, CCFL is a good looking product but it's not perfect. What is our solution then? The UHP (Ultra High-Power) L.E.D! L.E.D stands for Light Emitting Diode which is used on all the latest high-end luxury and racing vehicles. Automotive industries are able to study what is already known about the technology and improves it in a great deal in the last 5 - 10 years. You might ask why are LED products are only offers on the high-end luxury and racing vehicles? Because they are the best, that's why! LED's general characteristics are fast response time, energy efficient, ultra long life, durable and they are all the reasons we use it as well. And we don't just use the standard LED, we use the latest generation High-Power LEDs which are 4 times brighter than the traditional LEDs. Our UHP LED Angel Eyes are visible in daylight and even brighter than CCFL. It does not use inverters like the CCFL, so no inverter to fail. LEDs are not made of glass like the CCFL tube, so no CCFL tube to break. LEDs has the way faster response time than the CCFL, no cold start-up issue like the CCFL. In summary, we got rid all the downsides of the CCFL and upgraded to a sharper, brighter, longer life and more durable product - the UHP LED Angel Eyes with LIFETIME WARRANTY! DESCRIPTION Product Details: This listing is for a BRAND NEW set of White UHP Led Angel Eye Halo Rings Kit (4 Rings) + Relay Wiring Harness Fits: 2006-2008 BMW E90 / E91 3-SERIES Pre-LCI = Pre-Facelift With Factory Projector Headlight Models only Style: UHP (Ultra High Power) White LED Angel Eye Halo (Full Circle Edition) Kit. Each Ring Has 50 SMD High-Power LEDs In It - Total Of x200 LEDs Specs: - Brand NEW set (4 pieces, Left & Right) and Never been used - x4 Ultra Bright White Daytime Visible UHP (Ultra High Power) LED Angel Eye Rings with LED drivers for No Error after install - An universal relay wiring harness is included for easier installation, to use the relay wiring harness is optional for installation - These rings includes hard Anti-UV protective PVC clear casing which protects the high power SMD LEDs inside. This is NOT an universal size that other sellers trying to sell, this is designed specifically for the listed model/year, with the correct, size, shape, diameter and cut-off - These rings require you to open up the headlight to install (which requires heating the headlight up in 200 degree oven for 20 minutes on cookie sheet). Headlight assembly is NOT included - Installer will need to use A+B Epoxy 3-minutes glue to secure the rings inside the headlight - Minor drilling is needed for angel eye's wiring to go to the back of the headlight to connect to power, use silicon to seal the hole so no water can go into the headlight from that hole - UHP LED has 50000mcd brightness, 4 times brighter than the easily broken CCFL! Daytime visible! It is the BRIGHTEST of all angel eye halo on the market. You will not find anything brighter than this and you will not find other brand that is more durable, Best Quality, that is why we are offering Limited Lifetime Warranty on this! In the Package: - UHP Led Angel Eye Halo Rings Kit (4 Rings) - Relay Wiring Harness (1 Unit) - Headlight Included: No Warranty: The UHP LED angel eye system carries limited lifetime warranty. The warranty will be void if the UHP LED angel eye system shows any sign of physical damage to it. In addition, damage that is caused by improper installation, collision, negligence, misuse or alteration is excluded from this warranty. This is an automotive related product, by nature, are subject to have various degrees of use and wear, they are specifically excluded from this warranty. This warranty is only for new replacement part, not a refund on the product. All return must obtain a pre-approved RMA (authorized return number) from the seller prior sending them out or they will be refused. When reporting an issue and/or claiming the warranty, buyers are responsible to provide valid purchase information as well as a valid proof of issue with photos if the seller requests it. If a warranty replacement is granted, buyers are responsible for both way shipping plus a $5.00 handling fee, this handling fee is to prevent anyone abusing the warranty coverage. The limited lifetime warranty is set to limit the replacement coverage up to 8 angel eye rings maximum. This warranty is not transferable; it will be honored to its original purchaser only. Payment We accept payment by: Paypal. We accept PAYPAL only at this moment for all ebay transactions and MUST ship to paypal's listed address. 1.) If you are using eBay’s checkout system, please ensure that your registration information is current and will match what you have on PayPal. We will not be able to accommodate to change the original address we receive at the time of payment with an alternative one, once the transaction is completed via eBay and PayPal. 2.) We are required to ship to the address attached to your payment only. 3.) We will not be able to ship to an alternative address besides the original address shown on your PayPal payment detailed page. 4.) Please DO read and understand the policies / terms prior to buy to avoid any future discrepancy from occurring. Thank you for your cooperation! Shipping Please read and understand our complete policies/terms below or ask question if you have concerns prior to buy. 1.) Free shipping only applies to the listings that have the “Free Shipping” icon displayed and for completed transactions. Any canceled, incomplete, refused or undeliverable packages are subjected to a 20% re-stocking fee + all shipping related fees. 2.) Shipping costs incurred are non-refundable under any circumstance. Shipping costs are incurred and paid to the shipping courier and they are not refundable. 3.) We DO NOT ship to APO / FPO, GUAM, MP, PUERTO RICO (PR) and VIRGIN ISLAND (VI) 4.) INTERNATIONAL COUNTRIES: Buyer is responsible for all Brokerage Fees, Taxes & Duties - which may be charged upon delivery. Please contact your local shipping agent to determine your estimated taxes & duties. 5.) Pick up / Will Call service is not available for all ebay transactions. 6.) Shipping service fee is NOT refundable if the merchandise is shipped correctly as pictured and described. Please make sure you, as the buyer, understand this term prior to buy. 7.) EXTRA protection to guarantee the package arrived / delivered in safe and sound condition is $2.50 additional and is optional. We strive hard to ensure ALL of our packages arrive safely and intact by having three of our staffs inspecting the quality / condition of each order before ship, but accidents do happen. 8.) Shipping cost to HAWAII, ALASKA and Domestic PO BOXES is NOT FREE. Additional shipping cost is required! Please contact us first if your address is a P.O. BOX 9.) Signature Delivery is required for some orders, some items and some areas and this is at seller's discretion. 10.) We DO NOT ship to any other alternative address besides the original address that is displayed in the Paypal payment detailed page. Returns Genuinely faulty goods will be replaced or money refunded, however we must be advised of any faulty goods upon receipt of the item. It is the customers' responsibility to pay for and ship the item back to us. If the item is found to be faulty, we will also refund the postage cost. Please read and understand our complete policies/terms below or ask question if you have concerns prior to buy. GENERAL RULES FOR RETURN MERCHANDISE: Buyer must contact us to obtain RMA # to be able to return the ebay purchase to us for either refund or exchange. This is to avoid unwarranted return. 1.) Please be sure to inspect the quality & condition of the inner content of the purchase / order upon receipt prior to install. Supported photo documentations are needed *IF* the order arrives in damaged condition. 2.) We will take return within 30 days upon receipt of the item - buyers are responsible for BOTH ways shipping fees in all cases. Please inspect the item throughout upon receipt, you MUST contact seller immediately about the problem you encounter with the purchase. Police report will be filed, three top credit bureaus will be contacted and complaint will be sent through Internet Crime Complaint Center for any unauthorized and fraudulent returns 3.) 20% re-stocking fee will be charged for returning the ebay purchase that is NO LONGER in its original condition meaning not mint and brand new condition, used, installed, tampered, and no longer NIB (NEW IN BOX). Be aware that all items we sell on eBay are BRAND NEW, unless specified otherwise. 4.) IF the item you are returning is NOT in the BRAND NEW, Unused, Undamaged, and Resalable Condition as stated in our policy, we require that you refurbish the item to its original state. Refurbish the item so that it is in the resalable, brand new condition again -- as it has already been disclaimed that we ONLY accept the return of items that are in MINT / PERFECT condition. 5.) We DO NOT offer free replacement or exchange, you must return the order in order for us to replace for you. Disclaimers We warrantee and represent that the goods are as described in the above listing. We specifically disclaim any implied warranties of title, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement. Customers should satisfy themselves that any item choice made is suitable for their intended purpose or use In the rare event that you have a problem with your order, please contact us and we'll be happy to help. Please read and understand our complete policies/terms below or ask question if you have concerns prior to buy. 1.) GENERAL PRODUCT DISCLAIMERS: By purchasing this item - YOU AGREE THAT YOU HAVE ASKED ALL QUESTIONS AND UNDERSTOOD THE PRODUCT BEING SOLD. 2.) FOR NON-US SPECS: Merchandises being sold at EBAY are strictly for US / CANADIAN SPECIFICATIONS only, UNLESS specified otherwise. We strongly suggest, as well as expect all buyers to check the advertisement thoroughly and completely, read the item description carefully, compare the photos and understand what you are buying clearly PRIOR to buy to avoid discrepancy. 3.) PRODUCT INSTALLATION GUIDELINES: We DO NOT provide installation guide for the parts we sell on eBay and our mission here is to distribute the high quality products at the most affordable cost and we are here mainly to sell. We HIGHLY recommend certified & licensed Professional installation if you have any questions about installation. ** PLEASE NOTE: It is essential that buyers understand the items are vehicle related and require installation and vehicle knowledge. Installation skill and experience varies so it is recommended the item is installed professionally. We are not responsible if you or your shop cannot install the items properly. Please do your research on your car specific forums or find a shop that is specialized in aftermarket installs and knows your specific model. Those are the best places to have it installed. We wish all the parts we sell were as simple as putting shoes on your feet but they are not. Keep in mind; we do not make the products. We do our job which is to get you the best price possible and ship it out fast. 4.) PRODUCT WARRANTY: Some products we sell are warranted by the manufacturer (not us). However, if you have any questions regarding the warranty, please contact us prior to making the purchase. We DO NOT make the product and we, as the seller, DO NOT provide any warranty to the products we sell. Our job is to get you the best price and ship it out quickly. For most of the DEPO BRAND lighting assemblies, they come with warranty UP TO 6 months upon receipt of the product. Manufacture warranty covers FITMENT and LEAKING issues ONLY. Buyers are responsible for BOTH ways shipping fees for warranty purposes. -- Some EXCEPTIONS For Warranty Claims: A.) No visible / physical damages to the product and / or warranty is void, B.) Alteration to the product will result in termination of warranty, C.) Be sure the stock gaskets or rubber seals are not torn and worn as you will need to reuse them when you replace your stock lights with ours. You will also be asked for photos that documents any *leaking*, *misting*, *fogging up* and *condensation* issues, as well as the condition of your stock gaskets or rubber seals. and lastly, D.) All of our lighting assemblies are NOT compatible with XENON HID and LED-type bulbs. Please use either incandescent or halogen bulbs per advertisement. 5.) PROCEDURES FOR ITEM SNAD (Significantly Not As Described) CLAIM: When problems are reported to us such as item received not as described and needed to return for refund, we will always ask our customers to provide us photos. Reason for this standard procedure is to protect both parties and to avoid inconsistency from occurring, also to understand how / why / when the problems form. 6.) PRODUCTS FITMENT: Our described and advertised products on ebay are intended for OEM STOCK direct replacement only, they are not meant for retrofitting purpose. Therefore, we STRONGLY suggest all buyers to ensure the body panel / parts / lights assemblies you are replacing our products with are originally stocked. There will be fitment issue IF your parts are not made for specified years / make / models / trims in the listing. 7.) REQUIREMENT FOR CANCELING AN ENDED TRANSACTION: Seller must be informed of any change to the purchase within 2 hours upon purchase, reason being we strive hard to get the orders out as quickly as we can and full preparation to fulfill this goal. Therefore, if you didn't contact us in time before the order is processed, it will be too late to cancel. 8.) 99% OF THE PRODUCTS WE SELL ARE INTENDED FOR SHOW CARS AND OFF-ROAD USE ONLY, UNLESS SPECIFIED OTHERWISE IN THE ITEM DESCRIPTION. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU CHECK WITH YOUR LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT FOR THE USAGE. 9.) These WARRANTY terms only apply to the items that are clearly specified in the listing. 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