BCM Body Control Module CLONE SERVICE For 04-07 GMC Canyon Chevrolet Colorado H3 for Sale

Price: $99.99

This is a Body Control Module cloning service for 04-07 GMC Canyon Chevrolet Colorado Hummer H3. We will copy your BCM mileage , VIN number, key data and all program calibrations as well as updates if available into the replacement you send to us , The extended handling allows time for you to ship us your parts. You must ship both your original BCM and a replacement unit. We will Clone your BCM and ship the next business day once received. Please be aware that in some cases we will have to open the units to perform this service, this may or may not void any type of warranty you may have on the part. FAQ: What is this service for?This service will allow you to install a used BCM module into your vehicle. Can I install my used module without the program & data transfer service?It is not recommended to try. If you install a used BCM module that has higher mileage in its memory, your instrument cluster / speedometer will take on the higher number and cannot be changed without additional services. Please let us know if you need additional help with this. Does the part number on my replacement have to match the original?Yes, it is always recommended. See part interchange charts below. My BCM is badly damaged, will this service still work?Most of the time, yes. In some cases you would need to perform a security key relearn which may require a scan tool. Who pays for shipping?You will pay shipping to us, we will pay for the return shipping. Where do I ship my computer to?We will send you an email with the shipping address after purchase. Part Interchange # 1: 10364633, 10364635, 10394232, 10394234 , 15229317, 15802488, 15802494, 15802490, 15802494, 89047319 Part Interchange # 2: 21997787 , 21997788 , 19115249 Part Interchange # 3: 15845922 , 15926780, 25816709

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