4" x 30' Heavy Duty Recovery Winch Tow Loop Strap 4x4 Rope Chain Towing Tow for Sale

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4" x 30' Heavy Duty Recovery Winch Tow Loop Strap 4x4 Rope Chain Towing Tow

  • INDUSTRIAL-GRADE STRENGTH: This highly durable and resilient tow strap is made of high-quality polyester with a 6,666 pound. safe working load capacity, and 20,000 pound break strength. Measuring 4" (W) x 30'. (L), this heavy duty tow strap is long enough to provide easy accessibly for larger, bulky loads.
  • RUGGED & WEATHER RESISTANT: Built tough to withstand extreme loads and temperatures. Industrial-grade webbing is abrasion and weather-resistant to effectively resist rotting or tearing, ensuring a longer product lifespan.
  • REINFORCED LOOP ENDS: Strap features two reinforced looped ends to withstand the high tension and wear that typically occurs at connection points, providing maximum strength and added durability.
  • HIGHLY VISIBLE: Bright blue safety florescent color offers higher visibility, even in inclement weather or low light conditions.
  • BUILT FOR HEAVY DUTY TOWING & RECOVERY: With a generous 6,666 pound safe working load capacity and a massive 20,000 pound break strength, this strap is ideal for towing large vehicles, pulling equipment or moving debris.

This heavy-duty, highly durable tow strap from Driver Recovery Products is essential gear for off-roaders, emergency personnel, farmers, or anyone needing to haul heavy objects. Featuring a 6,666 pound safe working load capacity and 20,000 pound break strength, this premium-quality strap can safely and effectively pull a truck out of a ditch, haul a large tree trunk off a property, or tow a boat, ATV, or other equipment. Bright florescent color provides safety and high visibility, while its optimal 30' length ensures a safe distance between vehicles when towing, and provides easy accessibly for securing large, bulky loads. Driver Recovery Products is a leading brand within the hitch rack and trailering market, widely recognized for excellence at providing a wide range of premium-quality accessories that offer exceptional functionality at an affordable price.

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