4 PC WHEEL SPACERS 6x5.5 6x135 | 5x5.5 | 5x135mm 1/4" FITS MANY 5 AND 6 LUG for Sale

Price: $19.99

1/4" Thick


  • Vehicle Bolt Pattern:5x5.5 | 5x135 | 6x5.5 | 6x135
  • Adapter Thickness (Spacer):1/4"
  • Center Diameter: 108 mm
  • Outer Diameter: 176 mm
  • Spacer Type: Slide On

·Please verify this is the correct application for your vehicle before ordering, we only guarantee you receive what is described above.

·Lug nuts on the wheels must be properly torqued when installing.

·It is your ultimate responsibility to ensure that the spacers are installed properly.

·We make no promise or guarantee that this item is compatible with your vehicle or wheels.

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