4 ABS Speed Sensor Front ,rear, left right For JEEP Caliber Compase Patriot FWD for Sale

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Thank you for bidding and hopefully this lot will be yours.shipping included to all US addresses including APF, FPO, HI, AK and Puerto Rico.Your Support is muchAppreciated-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------You are buying after marketSuperior QualityPart# made in japan genuine mitsubishi abs speed sensorsMN116244 /5105063AA / 5105572AA / 5105573AASet of 4 ABS SPEED SENSORSABS Wheel Speed Sensor , Front - Rear / Left & Right Only for FWD (Front Wheel Drive)Cross-referenceALS1819 / ALS2086 + ALS2084 + ALS2088SU9944 / SU 9945 + SU9949 + SU9951==================DESCRIPTION Terminal Quantity 2 Terminal Gender Male Terminal Type Blade Connector Quantity 1 ================================================Fits:
DODGECALIBER2007-2012JEEPCOMPASS2007-2016JEEPPATRIOT2007-2016===========================================================ABS Wheel Speed SensorLocation:The wheel speed sensor will be located at each individual wheel or on axle housing on vehicles equipped with a solid axle. The speed sensor may be part of the wheel hub bearing assembly or as an individual component where the sensor protrudes through the bearing assembly or into the brake back plate.What It Does:The wheel speed sensors are responsible for reporting individual wheel speed to the Anti-Lock Brake Control Module. The wheel speed sensor can be an analog type sensor or digital.Failure Symptom: ABS brake light illumination, false activation of the ABS system due to an inconsistent signal from a sensor Also Known As: Wheel sensor, speed sensor, brake sensor
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