35W/55W HID Xenon Bi-xenon Hi/Low Dual Beam Bulbs H4 H13 9003 9004 9007 9008 for Sale

Price: $16.99

2X Dual Beam HID Bi-xenon Hi/Low Bulb

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Sirius Xenon HID Light Bulb Guide

If you are not sure what type of light bulbs your vehicle use, don't worry! You can use Sylvania's automotive lighting system to find your correct light bulb type.

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Dual Beam HID Bi-xenon Hi/Low Bulbs

Power Wattage 35w/55W Voltage 9V -12V Size 105mm * 35mm Max Current 4.8a Operating Temperature -40 °C to 105 °C Service Life 5,500 Hours or 229 Days Non-Stop Universal Fit | Waterproof | Does Not Overheat | Small Profile

Xenon HID Light Bulb

Type Customer's Choice Color Customer's Choice Universal Fit | Waterproof

Includes 2 x Bi Xenon bulbs Only

Warranty Xenon HID Light Bulbs comes with 1 years of warranty.

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