2006-2011 CHEVROLET HHR LS and LT - FRONT INTAKE AIR DUCT w/ updated duct. for Sale

Price: $45.00

Chevrolet HHR Intake Air Duct w/UPDATED HOSENew ducts sell for$76.45 - $114.45. Your other option is to go to a "You-pull-it-yards" to see if you can find a good used replacement. Finding one of these "intact, not ripped or duck taped back together" is like finding "Hen's Teeth!"Using the factory duct rubber end pieces (air box and fender). I replaced the wooly duct witha duct material with a wire inside.See attached photos.Unlike the factory duct materialthe new duct materialis very flexibleand compressible.To install.
1)Note the position of the ends of the airbox and fender. Then remove it.2)Install the "airbox end" onto the airbox. Tighten with 1/4" socket or short flat blade screwdriver.

3)Spray some WD-40 on the "fender end" of the duct. Then carefully pushthe end into the hole in the fender until it is fully seated.

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