1 15" Wheel 69 70 Mercury Marauder X100-Kelsey Hayes Magstar-390/429-1969 1970 A for Sale

Price: $500

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1, 15" x 6" Wheel for a 1969-1970 Mercury Marauder with Kelsey Hayes Magstar Wheels

One Original Kelsey Hayes Factory Wheel.
5-4.5" lug pattern.
Markings: 15 x 6 JJ, K-1-9-2, KH 79612 Metahold It was balance checked, and it showed 0.25 ounce out of balance, inboard and out board. The face and rim have been painted. The highlight lines on the wheel face have been brass brushed, to a shine.
The rim edges have dings. The rim has some pitting in between the bead surfaces. The face has nicks, gouges, and scratches. Used condition.
Will combine shipping when possible.

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