(4 Pack) E-Track Horizontal Galvanized 5' for Truck Trailer Cargo Van Made in US for Sale

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(4 Pack) E-Track Horizontal Galvanized 5' for Truck Trailer Cargo Van Made in USA

Pack Size: 4 Pack

  • E-Track Horizontal
  • Material: 12ga Hot Rolled Steel per ASTM A 653 Grade 50 HD Galvanized 50ksi (G60)
  • Roll formed, slotted/pierced, cut to length
  • Length: 5'
A Must-Have for Cargo Control and Organization! As many commercial and trailer haulers are familiar, steel E-Track rails are the base of an effective E-Track system and a must-have installation for their trailers! With their ability to be screwed or bolted along walls and floors, our Mytee Products' Galvanized Horizontal E-Tracks provide rows of strong, additional tie-down points which click easily in and out of rail slots. You can haul, store, and organize nearly anything, from stabilizing heavy equipment to hanging spare tires, chains, or straps so they are out of the way during the load or unloading process! We offer our Galvanized Steel E-Track rails in pairs, so you can install one to each wall of your trailer or truck, or install them side-by-side on the floor for double the tie-down points and extra security! Our Horizontal E-Track steel rails have rectangular slots which run perpendicular to the rail and are popular for use on trucks, cargo trailers, flatbeds, and interior vans. Because they help keep spaces organized and keep possible tripping hazards off the floor, they can also be helpful for storage in warehouses or garages! Our Horizontal E-Tracks are made right here in the USA! We at Mytee Products and our customers are proud to support reliable, strong, American-made products! Truck haulers have been using these E-Track tie-down systems for years because they are reliable, durable, and easy to use!

Cargo Control Horizontal E-Track Features:
  • 5 ft Horizontal E-Track
  • Heavy-Duty 12-Gauge Steel; ability to withstand vehicles being parked on top of them!
  • G60 Galvanized Finish; long life-span and withstands corrosion!
  • Product Weight: 8 lbs each!
  • Provides multiple tie-down anchor slots every 2''
  • Compatible with all E-Track straps or accessories (sold separately)!
  • Made in the USA!
Versatile, Secure, and Convenient! Versatility! Strength You Can Depend On! Simple Installation!
  • Mytee Products' Horizontal Steel E-Track Rails can be mounted on the floor or bed of a trailer, or the walls of enclosed trailers and vans!
  • Our Galvanized E-Track Rails can be used for a wide variety of cargo security or organization, including hauling vehicles or heavy equipment and hanging up straps, chains, or other tools to prevent them from becoming tripping hazards or damaging cargo!
  • Our Horizontal E-Track is made of heavy-duty, 12-gauge steel for increased durability!
  • Our E-Track rails have a G60, galvanized finish which allows these rails to withstand corrosion and last longer!
  • Made in the USA, this is a product you know you can rely on to get the job done right!
  • You can bolt or screw these rails to your trailer walls or floors within minutes!
  • No special tools or skills are necessary, and we offer E-Track accessories that meet your tie-down or storage needs!
  • You can position these E-Track rails to suit your needs and add, move, or remove accessories as needed!
Buy Accessories for Your E-Track System! Cargo Securement You Can Rely On! More Space, Less Stress! At Mytee Products, we offer a variety of accessories (sold separately) for your E-Track system, including: E-Track Rope Tie Offs
  • This fitting allows you to use ratchet straps with S hooks with the E-Tracks on your trailer
  • Working Load Limit: 2000 lbs
E-Track Tie Down 2" D-ring
  • E-Track Tie Down Fitting, 2" D-ring
  • Working Load Limit: 1,335 lbs
  • This fitting allows you to use ratchet straps with S hooks with the E-Tracks on your trailer
  • The ideal tie-down system for enclosed trailers, trailer beds, trucks, and vans.
  • Also perfect for warehouse, garage, or shed storage!
  • Easily attach E-track Horizontal rails to your trailer floor or walls; wherever you need additional tie-down points!
  • Super easy to install - you need 1/4" screws or nuts, bolts, and washers (sold separately).
  • Need more room in your trailer? Our E-Track rails an affordable, quick, and easy way to create shelves!
  • Keep your tools or equipment off the floor and easily accessible during loading, unloading, and transport!
  • Keeps the inside of your truck or trailer looking neat!
  • Our E-Track Horizontal rails can hold storage bags, baskets, straps, chains, and tire mounts!
2 Feet (8 - Pack) 5 Feet (1 - Pack) 5 Feet (2 - Pack) 5 Feet (4 - Pack)

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