#1 CROSSFIRE Convertible Windscreen Wind Deflector Windstop Windblocker B1W for Sale

Price: $150.0

This Premium BLACK, with ROADSTER engraving Polycarbonate virtually unbreakable wind deflector DEFLECTAIR™ feature Hard Coating against abrasion & UV FIT ALL year CROSSFIRE CONVERTIBLE 2002 & up all trim & engine Installation without tools or car modification Stay year long in place for your convenience (do not restrict roof operation). Service proven ! Do not accept imitation Polycarbonate may save your life check video Polycarbonate vs Acrylic. All our convertible wind deflector Features: DOT approved Polycarbonate Hard Coated against Abrasion & UV (AR 2 / double side Abrasion Resistant) Exclusive Rounded edge Deflector are cut with precision ensuring a perfect fit and perfect finish 100 % coverage for best result and look Easy Installation Copyright Protected + Pat. Pending Advantages: Extend your top down driving season Start driving top down early in spring up-to late in autumn Increased comfort & your driving experience Customize the look of your vehicle the way you want from available options Eliminates/Reduce the noise of the wind and turbulence Fully allows enjoying the quality of the stereo Talk freely with your passenger without having the need to raise your voice Reduces the ambient sound when you have a conversation over the phone (mobile) Reduce the tiresomeness of being constantly harassed by the wind Keeps the hot/cold air inside the car (cockpit) Reduces the hair movement Easily cleanable The seats can be positioned unhindered Allows to open and close the roof, with the deflector in place Item can be ship from one of our warehouse located in North America: NY, NJ, WA, QC, ON, BC Q&A: Q: Witch shipping carrier are you using. A: We ship with: Fedex, DHL, UPS, USPS Insured with Tracking. Q: How long it will take to proceed my order. A: We usually ship next business day or the following day. Q: How long it will take to have my item. A: Between 2-9 business days according to your location, usually 3-4 days. Q: Duty & Tax. A: Buyer is responsible for payment according to import country charges. On vous sert aussi en Français :-) Check our Store for other variation in color & engraving

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