World Record Setting Toyota Supra –TX2K19

April 3rd, 2019

I hope you will understand that Joel Grannas is an exceptional race car driver. One need to look no further than the 9-second testing and tuning rounds to see that. Every quarter-mile pass in this rambunctious, manually shifted Toyota Supra seems more like a series of four or five passes. Each one shooting – crazy and uncontrollable – in a slightly different direction.

That’s what racing is like when you have built a manually shifted car equipped with a 1,650hp 2JZ (inline 6-cylinder) engine with a massive turbocharger (50 psi of boost). Under the hood you’ll find a Bullet Race Engineering engine block (3.2-liter stroker with aluminum connecting rods) and a HeadGames cylinder head (GSC camshafts). It has a CPC intake manifold, and a Precision ProMod 88-millimeter turbocharger. The radiator, intercooler, and fuel cell are Schmuck Built. A MoTec M150 (tuned by Chris DelGado) handles control duties. Grannas Racing (Holidaysburg, PA.) has really created something special in this one.

There’s a lot on this clip. Owner/driver interviews, dyno passes, and tons of racing action – including a World Record Pass of 7.68-seconds @ 200.5 mph! Great job guys!

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