World Cup Finals – 6-Second Toyota AE86

November 20th, 2021

Greetings drag racing fans and welcome to Budds Creek, Maryland for a look at what may be the fastest Toyota that you’ve ever seen. This Dominican based racing team is tearing up the track and crushing the competition at the World Cup Finals Import vs Domestic. Get a load of this mini monster.

Unknown to most Americans, the Toyota AE86 is a sub-compact model coupe produced from 1984 through 1987. Unlike the stock AE86, this particular import is built to kill (on the track). It features a fully built inline 6-cylinder Toyota 2JZ engine with a 94-millimeter Precision turbocharger. The transmission is a race-grade GM TH400 automatic. This car makes some serious power and typically gets through the quarter-mile in the mid-sixes.

After qualifying in the top spot, the AE86 takes to the track for Round One eliminations. From the right lane, this little monster posts a 6.39-second pass @ 217.91 mph (personal best) against a fellow Dominican racer in a bodacious yellow Trueno.

Breezing through a competition bye in Round Two, the AE86 draws the Fours Wild Thunderbird in Round Three. The Ford never gets hooked-up and the Toyota cruises to a victory with another 6.39-second pass @ 218.76 mph.

Getting deep into those Rounds, it’s comforting to have NHRA Pro Stock legend Jose Gonzalez behind the wheel of the AE86. Think Jose can bring home the Class win and $10K?

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