V8Bait 7-Second Subaru Makes 1300HP

June 10th, 2021

As a racer, one must realize that it isn’t a matter of if you will break parts, but when and how many. The real question is: Can you fix what’s broke in time to get back in the show? That’s precisely the situation the V8Bait crew found themselves in during last weekend’s event. It finally came down to a situation in which the engine had to be swapped in about one hour. Can these guys get it done? Watch.

Fresh off the trailer, the STi posted an 8.44 @ 172.85 mph. The car was loose out of the hole and bounced down the track like a basketball. Just a little shake down run. No harm no foul.

For the next pass, V8Bait lines up beside a tricked-out Nissan GT-R. This time the Subaru posts an 8.21 @ 178.54 mph. Edging ever closer to that elusive seven.

After getting the STi a bit more stable, the V8Bait crew lines up versus the Drag Lambo from AMS. The all-wheel drive Subaru gets out of the hole efficiently and posts an 8.12 @ 176.05 to the Lamborghini’s 7.53 @ 180.62 mph. That’s the best pass so far for V8Bait. The track temp is dropping, and sevens are looking like a possibility.

Stay tuned and see if this unique car can dip into the sevens for a big win.

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