Underground Racing Huracan Gapped by Corvette C7Z – Street Hits

May 15th, 2020

This street racing video has it all – street hustlers, outright liars, and loveable losers. It also has domestics, imports, and supercars, all locked in head-to-head roll racing competition. Capable cars from all over the country meet up in Texas and drop down south of the border where the action quickly heats up. Take a gander for yourself.

The cameraman first climbs into a Corvette ZR1 with a Kong ported blower, full bolt-ons, and a methanol injection. Maximum output is estimated at 800whp. The ‘Vette gets jumped by a rear-wheel drive Acura Integra straightaway. The Integra comes out hard but gets gapped in multiple hits. After that, a Mitsubushi Eclipse beats the Acura like he stole from him.

Next, the cameraman is into a Dodge Charger Hellcat with full bolt-ons, camshaft upgrade, and cylinder head upgrade. It makes about 850hp. He’s taking on a Chevy Camaro ZL1 modified to produce nearly 850hp. This should be a good one! In a series of close hits, the Camaro takes the advantage every time.

The cameraman is on to a 900+hp twin turbo Mustang as he takes on a C7 Corvette (1050hp) with an F1A ProCharger. The ‘Vette gets the win in the first hit, but the Mustang turns up the boost for a rematch. Corvette for the win, again.

Now the embedded camera guy is in the seriously stripped-down Integra (from earlier). This thing has NO interior with a rear-mounted engine and rear transaxle. The Acura is quick, but he jumps on a turbo Mustang that “takes his cookies” in multiple hits.

Tons more street racing action in this clip.

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