Ultimate Street Sleeper – 10-Second Honda Civic Sedan

May 17th, 2022

Nobody – and I mean nobody – is expecting to get gapped by a 1991 Honda Civic Sedan. Then, it happens. Those front wheels hook up and smoke begins to billow from under the fenders. This inconspicuous looking four-door tilts up to the starting line and bang! It launches through the light and blasts through the 1320 like a blue streak. You just got beat by a granny wagon.

Keeping with the Honda theme, this guy opted to go with a B18 four-cylinder motor and a big turbo. The bottom end is upgraded with better connecting rods and pistons. The cylinder head is stock with upgraded camshafts and improved valve springs. Other than that, it’s just a full accoutrement of bolt-ons with a GSR transmission, stock axles and 8-inch wide M/T slicks up front. Freaky!

The car starts off the weekend running in the high 10-second range. Running in the 10.50-Class, He got quicker and quicker as the weekend unfolded.

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