U.S. GT-R Quarter-Mile Record Falls

April 11th, 2016

U.S. GT-R Quarter-Mile Record Falls 01Well, it seems that the Nissan GT-R 1/4-mile U.S. record battle has jumped off as expected. Extreme Turbo Systems (ETS), one of the world’s leading experts in turbocharged high-performance research and development, has posted a new U.S. record 1/4-mile pass of 7.32-seconds @ 196 mph. That’s pretty impressive but when you consider that the car lifted a cylinder head during the final run (at 60-pounds of boost), it seems ever more outstanding.

Key improvements to the ETS Nissan GT-R include the twin-turbos, which have been upgraded from 72-millimeter units to 76-millimeter, a new Syvecs ECU/4WD Controller for improved tuning capabilities and traction control, and it now weighs 3,900-pounds (with the driver on board). Oh, by the way, the car is producing approximately 1,950hp and ETS plans to add a methanol injection system to keep the cylinder heads bolted firmly on the block where they belong.

It’s racing season and records will continue to fall in this exciting classification.

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