TX2K20 – Highlights Day One

March 18th, 2020

Greetings drag racing fans and welcome to the Mecca of street racing – TX2K20 from Houston, Texas. There is drag racing and roll racing on the agenda for this weekend of hotly contested head-to-head racing. That’s not to mention what jumps off after hours on the streets. Let’s drop in on day one.

Coming off the trailer are entries from Underground Racing. Most of these Lamborghinis have been treated to an Underground Racing Turbo X Package. Maximum output ranges from 1,000hp all the way to 3,000hp. We have Coy Christmas in the Airforce One Lamborghini. Air Force One was the Roll Racing (King of the Bakery) Champion from last year and is favored to repeat this year. Coy has made the move from track to management, so his son (Junior) will be behind the wheel. Junior has nerves of steel. I saw him post a reaction time of 0.00 earlier in the season. Ride along as he posts top speeds near 200 mph on every pass in Air Force One.

Adding fuel to the fire, several competitors pooled their funds to create a $5k bounty for the first MKIV Toyota Supra to dip into the sixes. That got the baddest Supra owners moving in an effort to claim the bounty.

Right in the middle of the day, a red UR Lamborghini rolls out and blows the field away. He sets a new TX2K roll racing top speed record with a pass of 236.05 mph!

The action is just starting to heat up. Take a gander for yourself. You don’t want to miss this one.

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