Turbo Mutant Corvette Versus 7-Second Mustang – Drag Racing

December 9th, 2020

This production takes to the dragstrip for some quarter-mile drag racing action. Featured is the mutant Corvette of Cleetus McFarland. This thing is basically a salvage build with a Texas Speed built motor and a massive turbocharger mounted high above hood level. The whole package resembles a cross between Mad Max and Space Odyssey. Have a gander for yourself.

Cleetus’ Corvette (named Ruby) begins the day with a bit of a misfire. As the crew works their way through qualifying; they are also trying to get all cylinders online. After locating the suspected culprit and rectifying the situation, Ruby and crew are ready to take on a serious looking Chevy Nova. These guys have raced before and it’s anybody’s guess what happens here.

As trash talk reaches optimum levels, the burnouts begin. Both these guys are experienced racers and, with Cleetus posting a .011-second reaction time in the last pass, it’s hard to see him as the underdog here. In addition to the gabbing, these two are jockeying for position in the hole. With a $100 side bet on the line, each one is attempting to gain a slight advantage when the light drops. Sure enough, Cleetus’ antics (at the line) pay off and he cuts the light with a .020-second reaction time (.040 for the Nova). Ruby goes on to win with a 7.66-second pass @ 178 mph.

Up next is the Mustang. This bad girl has a pair of turbos and it posted a qualifying time of 7.1-seconds. The pony car will be tough to beat.

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