Turbo Coyote Mustang – 7-Second Quarter-Mile

May 1st, 2017

Despite the multitude of spectacular machines that turned out for Street Cat Takeover in Orlando, Florida, this Mustang stood apart from the crowd.

In the first place, the owner was registered in three separate classes – the Roll Racing Class, the LSx vs Modular Engine Class (the Coyote engine is a modular engine), and the ultra-competitive Street Racer Class.

In the second place, the Mustang featured in this video posted an event record pass of 7.53-seconds @ 187.81 mph (in the Street Racer Class). This was also an all-time best E.T. and top speed for this car and crew.

Thirdly, and this is an odd one, this Mustang set a higher top speed in the Street Racer Class (dig race) than it made in the Roll Racing Class. One would assume that a higher top speed would be attainable with a rolling head start but it was not the case in this instance.

Finally, this Coyote Mustang won two of the three classes in which it was entered. It only lost (in the finals) of the Street Racer Class because of a mechanical issue that prevented him from getting to the starting line in time.

This is an awesome machine with tons of potential and we look forward to covering it in the future.

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