TT Dodge Viper Tames Streets

March 30th, 2018

By: Harley Magden

This video treats us to a group of savage street beasts built by Nth Moto (Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA), as they are unleashed on the streets (of Mexico).

If you thought you had seen it all; this clip will ratchet your eyes open just a little bit farther. Forget about the 6-second GT-Rs and the 2500hp Lambos, the leader of this pack of snakes is a twin turbocharged Dodge Viper ACR. From the factory, it is one of the most capable track cars on earth. In its current state of modification, it is outright scary. The engine and transmission are built by Nth Moto. A MoTec controller keeps the fuel and fire flowing. The combination is good for 1,700+ horsepower.

Behind that is another (White) Nth Moto TT Viper that is capable of churning out 1,100hp and a (Black) Nth Moto TT Viper that can produce 1,400hp and turn an 8-second quarter-mile (at 180 mph). There’s a 1,200hp blown Corvette ZR1 with a kit of nitrous and a whole gaggle of imports show up for the snake pit treatment.

You don’t want to miss a second of this one!

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