Toting the Front – 1500HP Porsche 911

February 9th, 2021

No longer a “GT-R only” event, the GT-R World Cup is now open to all makes and models. Coming to the line in this year’s gathering is this incredible Porsche entry. Unlike other notable fast Porsche models, this car sounds like a monster. It also has massive slicks and reeks of race gas. Oh – by the way – it hooks up and pulls the front wheels skyward on almost every pass. This is not your run-o-the-mill Porsche.

Running in the DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission) Class, this German sports car has an AIM Performance built 4.0-liter engine (with help from DS Motors in Turkey) and a pair of Garrett GTX 3582 turbochargers under the bonnet. Of course, it’s a mid-engine rear-wheel drive setup, so it tends to tote the front (pop a wheelie) off the starting line, as well as on subsequent gear changes. Estimated output to the rear wheels is 1,400hp. This thing is a beast.

After jerking the front wheels off the asphalt and displaying an indecent amount of undercarriage, the AIM Porsche posted personal best passes of 8.63-seconds @ 161.5 mph and 8.58-seconds @ 160 mph.

Can’t wait to see this car and crew at upcoming 2K events.

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