The Rematch – Billy TH3Kid Mustang vs. Kenny Powers Camaro

September 22nd, 2022

Oh, it’s on like hotcakes tonight! We have a bit of an internal rivalry it would seem. Eldest son Billy TH3Kid and trusted SRC wrench Kenny Powers have developed a rivalry of sorts. Billy is building a street Mustang (Fox Body) and Kenny is putting together a street Camaro (Gen III). These two have already established a history on the street. Kenny allegedly embarrassed Billy the last time out. Both guys are brand loyal and ultra-competitive. Sounds like good fun.

The update on Billy’s Mustang is that it has a brand-new set of Trick Flow aluminum heads, a new performance camshaft, a fresh intake manifold and a new carburetor. The nitrous jet has also been upgraded from 100hp to 150hp. The Kid thinks he’s ready for Kenny’s Mullet Camaro.

The Mullet Camaro also has a new carb and a fresh set of tires on the rear. Giddyup!

After hours of talking smack, the SRC crew rolls out on the streets (of Mexico). The cars are lined up and the Old Man is ready with the flashlight.

The race begins and both cars come out of the hole like a bullet. Kenny pulls ahead quickly, and Billy discovers that he forgot to re-arm his nitrous system. Oops. Kenny powers FTW.

More shenanigans are pending before this evening is through.

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