The Patriot – 2500+WHP Nitrous Camaro Hits the Dyno

August 19th, 2022

Today, we get a chance to sit in on Fuel Tech’s Advanced Dyno Training Session with the 1968 Patriot Camaro and the Robert Hayes Motorsports (RHM) crew.

After a major crash during a Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings small-tire race, the Patriot Camaro spent the summer months getting a chassis upgrade at the Hayes Motorsports facility. Just for good measure, they also jerked the 632 cubic-inch big block mill out and installed a Pat Musi 959 cubic-inch motor. To add insult to injury, the guys also went with a four-stage nitrous kit. Can you say KABOOM?! As anyone can see in the video, Fuel Tech controllers were used in this build. The FT600 not only provides reliable engine management, but also allows the team to program nitrous delivery. So, let’s see what this monster can do on the hub dyno.

A couple of quick hits reveal some minor issues that must be rectified. Once the necessary repairs are performed, the guys pull the spark plugs for analysis. With a fresh set of plugs installed, the Patriot is ready to put up a huge number.

Sure enough, when it was all said and done, the Patriot Camaro was dyno certified at 2502.6 WHP – on just two nitrous kits. Wow! I can’t wait to see this American hero on the track.


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