Tesla Plaid Owner Challenges 1000WHP Corvette ZR1 Owner – Street Hits

July 21st, 2022

Everybody who is anybody in street racing has heard about the exploits of the phenomenon known as the Tesla Plaid. This zero-emission, all-electric production sedan is capable of consistent 9-second quarter-mile passes as long as the battery is fully charged. Exactly what is the most intimidating aspect of the Tesla Plaid? The power? It has the capacity to generate more than 1,000hp. The acceleration? With its all-wheel drivetrain, the Plaid hooks up like nobody’s business. Maybe it’s the exhaust note? Nope, it’s a silent killer. The scariest part about the Tesla Plaid is the consistency.

The Chevrolet Corvette ZR1, on the other hand, can be a wild card. With only rear-wheel drive, the more power the ZR1 generates, the more likely it is that a traction issue will present itself. Power is precisely what the Street Speed 717 Corvette is all about. Extreme modifications – including a ported blower and a billet engine block – have yielded huge performance gains for this bad bowtie.

Well, the Chevy has been called out by the owner of the Tesla. It’s high noon (sort of) and it’s time to see who is the fastest in the east. Buckle-up!

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