Tesla Invests in Muscle Cars

October 19th, 2017

In a recent interview (parody) with Elon Musk of Tesla, a reporter asked if the automaker was indeed buying up muscle cars and hot rods around the suburban Atlanta (Georgia) area.

Musk smiled wryly and explained to the journalist that he was mistaken. While it has been widely reported that Tesla has come to own many muscle cars in and around the 303; these reports are largely limited to a single P100D and an event called Street Car Takeover Atlanta.

It would seem that an all-electric and gutted (it still weighs in at nearly two-and-a-half tons) Tesla P100D had thoroughly dominated the 10.0-Index Class. The annihilation was so complete that spectators decreed that it had owned the competition. Rumors spread from there. You can see how this reporter had gotten it twisted.

On a serious note – the all-wheel drive configuration and suddenness of the electric power output make the P100D perfect for Index Racing. Being billed as the quickest Tesla on earth, this silent killer is owning the competition on street and strip.

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