Taking it to the Street – Mustang Street Rolls

January 30th, 2018

This video is taking it to the streets (of Mexico) amidst a whole herd of wild Mustangs. Our camera car for the first part of this clip is Lemons GT. It’s a 5.0-liter with a Paxton 2200 supercharger and a complete high performance exhaust system. It’s burning E85 fuel.

In a classic battle between supercharged and turbocharged, the camera car rolls up beside a twin turbo 5.0 Mustang in Grabber Blue. The former has been upgraded with a pair of ON3 60-millimeter turbochargers and Injector Dynamics ID1000cc fuel injectors. It is also running on E85 fuel. After multiple hits, the action is relatively even. This is some seriously competitive roll racing.

The next contest pits Lemons GT against a second Grabber Blue 5.0 Mustang. These two cars are nearly identical. Each one is equipped with a Paxton 2200 supercharger and high performance exhaust. Again, multiple hits and (as you might expect) some very close finishes.

They say that variety is the spice of life. Here’s a touch of diversity for you. Our cameraman has swapped over to a Fox Body Mustang with a 5.3-liter (Chevy) engine and a Borg Warner S484 turbocharger. It’s taking on a Dodge Charger Hellcat with upper and lower pulley upgrades and a full high-flow exhaust system. After multiple hits, all I can think of is a Hellcat playing with a very slow mouse.

You don’t want to miss this one.

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