Street Racing Channel vs. Skinny Road with Limpy on the Light

August 8th, 2022

We have Limpy on the light again. As we have established, that is indicative of a big money street race. This one-night event will net the winner a pot of $6k (plus side action). With 20+ fast cars expected, this should be a good one.

As if that weren’t interesting enough, the venue for this evening is a narrow road through the middle of a Midwestern corn field (beans on one side). You know what “they” say; It might be skinny, but at least it ain’t flat. On a side note, a skinny road like this might be a challenge for a flagman of notable girth (such as Limpy).

These SRC (Street Racing Channel) boys cut their No Prep Drag Racing teeth on roads just like this one – skinny and irregular. With older brother Billy (TH3KID)’s twin turbo big block Nova in the hospital, he’ll be relegated to driving his old twin turbo Chevy S10 pickup tonight. Billy has had tons of success in this little truck and he’s making no excuses. Younger brother Tommy (GUN) will be piloting his 1964 Ford Falcon.

Tommy is the first of the SRC team to compete. He cuts a clean light but comes out slightly behind his opponent. Near the trap, Tommy drives around the Camaro that goes headlights-taillights-headlights-taillights into the corn. Car and driver were able to continue (back to the trailer). SRC FTW.

After several more races, in rides BILLY TH3 KID in his time tested S10. Billy wins a super-close one against a serious looking gentleman in a Fox Body. This race is a must see!

Tons more REAL street racing action here.

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