Street Outlaws’ Monza Gets a New Daily Driver

June 23rd, 2022

Those of you who live and breathe street (dig) racing, will remember Monza from the Street Outlaws Show on the Discovery Channel. Despite being called Monza, he piloted a bodacious Gen II Camaro that was in constant contention for the number one spot on “America’s List”. With a new show on the horizon, the 405 crew are preparing more street-oriented steeds to energize ratings. This is a first look at what Monza has prepared.

Everyone loves a G-Body. Whether it’s a Grand Prix (which this is), a Monte Carlo or a Malibu; G-bodies are wide and roomy. They can handle even the largest of engines between the front fenders and those fat back tires tuck nicely inside the wheel wells. In case you were wondering – it’s a Pontiac Grand Prix and the color is Misty Turquoise from a 1970 Chevy Chevelle. Davidson Paint and Body (Missouri) is responsible for the hue.

Moore Race Chassis and Fabrication did most of the safety work, including the roll cage, driveshaft loop and seats. The roll cage served as a production prototype. You can now purchase the same cage (pre-bent) for your own G-Body.

Under the hood is a carbureted 355 cubic-inch engine with a set of 461 double hump cylinder heads and a solid lift camshaft. Fuel is dispersed using a Holley 750 double-pumper 4-barrel carb. Nitrous? Aw shucks, it’s just a street car.

The wheels are Race Star wrapped in Hoosier rubber. The brakes are Wilwood and the suspension has been lowered with Moroso Trick springs and control arms (in the front).

Can’t wait to see Monza take it to the streets in this new G-Body cruiser.

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