Street Killers Roll Racing – Big Turbo Supra, Blown Vette and 2JZ Nissan

September 12th, 2022

Oh yeah! It’s on like Donkey Kong on the streets of Mexico. A handful of rowdy street racers have shown up in their modified roll race rockets. They intend to declare war on the limitations of speed and acceleration in a downright vulgar display of power. Take hold of your overall straps Orville, this one is about to get wild.

In the first contest of the evening, we have a MKV Supra (Payne tuned with Pure850 turbo) going against a supercharged Corvette with a manual transmission. The Chevy takes the early jump, but the Supra spools up and steals the show in multiple hits.

The Supra takes on a 2JZ swapped Nissan 350Z next. The 350 has unknown mods with a massive intercooler. The Supra makes short work of the cobbled-up Nissan before moving on to the next victim.

A V6 swapped Mitsubishi (with nitrous) rolls in next to try and tame the Toyota. Can he do it? Or will it be another win for the MKV.

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