Street Digs – Philadelphia vs. Delaware

January 3rd, 2019

The drag racing action is heating up tonight as competitors from the “First State” of Delaware gear-up to take on the City of Brotherly Love (Philadelphia, PA). These street racers have trailered their rides to an undisclosed location (south of the border) for some heads-up quarter-mile dig racing.

The rules are really simple. Don’t jump too soon, don’t cross the center line, and be the first one to cross the finish line; do these three things and chalk up a win for your team.

First to the line is a Procharged Ford Mustang against a Gen V Pontiac GTO with nitrous. This is a tight contest between a pair of very streetable coupes but the Mustang takes the stripe.

Next, we have a pair of Chevy S10 pickups. One is turbocharged and the other uses nitrous as a power-adder. This is another great race! Nitrous S10 FTW!

Finally, a nitrous Fox Body Mustang and a nitrous Chevrolet Malibu Wagon tow the line for the last run of the night. The Malibu makes it a contest as he comes out of the hole hard but gets gapped in the end. 3 – 0 for Delaware!

Overall a great night of street racing and a well produced video.

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