American Custom Lifts M1 4.5 Single Post Car Lift Install and Review

December 24th, 2015

american-custom-lift-m1-45-001We were recently looking to add a 2nd car lift inside a 3 car garage where space was limited and at a premium.  With a 4 post lift already installed in the space,  adding another 4 post lift was proving to be difficult to accommodate space wise.  After looking at various smaller 4 and 2 post options we came across a 1 post option from American Custom Lifts out of San Diego, California.  With over 2,000 of their 1 post lifts installed around the world and after some considerable research we decided with go with their M1 4.5 single post lift.

american-custom-lifts-logoAmerican Custom Lifts M1 4.5 single post lift saves a lot of precious garage space by having a single center post and not requiring the garage to be divided up and obstructed with large posts.   When the lift is raised up you can freely walk around and underneath as well.  the M1 4.5 can lift up to 4,500 pounds to a height of 70″ and requires a ceiling height of 9’6″.   Their larger M1 6.5 version can lift up to 6,500 pounds.

Then runways of the M1 lifts are adjustable to allow for different vehicle widths and there is also an option for an aluminum center section which you’ll see in the pictures below.  The center sections are easily removable to allow for easy underbody viewing and working on the car.

The M1 lifts are bolted to standard concrete flooring using anchor bolts, require a 20 amp 220v circuit and installation takes about 5 hours as you’ll see in the time-lapse install video below.  These lifts are heavy duty, made in America with no short cuts taken, so bring some manpower to move around these heavy pieces for the installation.  You can also use one of their approved installers which is what we opted for with RS Automotive Lifts LLC performing the install.

Check out the video review with time lapse video and photo gallery below:

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