Sick Summer Day 3 – Hot Drag Racing Action

June 13th, 2024

It’s Day 3 of Sick Summer 2024 and 1320 Video is coming at us from Tri-State Raceway in Iowa. On the hottest day of the year – this far – the drag racing action is on fire in one of the summer’s sickest drag-and-drive events. Sick Summer 2024 takes competitors through three states and four racetracks in a grueling six-day contest with check points along the way.

You just know it’s going to be a wild day at the races when the first interview is with a 16-year-old kid (who looks twelve) that drives a 1,000hp Fox Body Mustang to 5-second passes in the eighth-mile. Blayne’s Mustang is running a Ford engine with a big single turbo.

After an unexpected turbo replacement/upgrade, Blayne rolls to the line anticipating a fast pass. He ain’t disappointed when he lays down a 9.12 @ 103 mph (quarter-mile) with the fresh parts.

Mr. Consistency is up next. He’s in a Gen 2 Camaro.  All he’s done this week is show up and run a single 8.5-second pass at 150+ mph. That’s three days – and three tracks – in a row. Not an easy task.

Finally, we have a smoking AMC Javelin. You don’t see many of these anymore. He lays down a 7-second pass at 172 mph. Not too shabby.

There’s lots more drag racing here. Including pretty Alex Taylor in her 6-second Shoebox Chevy. Alex is also laying down consistent quarter-miles all week.